Beatles Dinner Party

Puns. And dinner: Food on the Hill, anyone? 


Martha, My Beer

Loose Leaf in the Sky with Diamonds

Cheese Leaving Home

Eight Days a Leek

Old Brown Stew

Kelp! (seaweed salad)

Twist and Sprout

Paperback Raita

Flaxman (muffins?)

Being for the Benefit of Mr. Crepe OR Being for the Benefit of Bagel Bites

Let It Bean

Oh Barley

I Want to Hold Your Ham with Mean Mr. Mustard glaze

Maxwell’s Silver Hamburger on Here Comes the Bun

Broccoli Raccoon

Please Peas Me!

Penne Lane

Savoy Truffle

Strawberry Fields Forever

Date Tripper

Hello Good Pie

Baby You’re a Rich Flan


want to play? leave your dish name based on a Beatles song title!

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