Rain check

Dinners this week have largely consisted of sandwiches and leftovers. I did have one triumph – a grilled concoction I’m hoping to perfect and share with you in a week or two – but most of our meals were dictated by heat and the time of the semester which, if you look at the recent weather forecasts from Los Angeles and my most recent Photo Friday post, will tell you all you need to know.

Thus, I’m giving myself a week off here, to let my brain refocus and my cramping hands heal from all the paper commenting I’ve been doing.

Be well. Have a margarita, maybe, in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. Maybe rim the glass with some fancy salt! Maybe, if tequila’s not your poison, and you, too, are wilting from the recent heat wave, some frozen sangria will help keep you feeling celebratory. Or maybe just treat yourself to some cake. I like this one, which makes use of the beautiful springy pinkness of rhubarb.

In any case, I hope May has been kind to you thus far. “See” you next week.

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