Unintentional upside down cake

Well, I had a lovely post for you to get me back into the swing of things. I’d written up a recipe, cleverly combining memories of an exceptional coffeecake from the cafe at the Getty Villa with my current coffee obsession (a “dirty chai,” if you’re wondering). I dutifully whisked the batter, I drizzled a mocha swirl filling, I baked, and then…

While extricating it from the bundt pan, I dropped it. Upside down. Onto my laptop.

2016 Food Blog May-0676Luckily the laptop is fine; I had the presence of mind to move it before I reached for my camera. And though the cake itself tastes great, there was a structural issue in addition to my own clumsiness that makes it not ready to share with you yet.

What’s that line from The Great Gatsby? “And so we beat on, boats against the current,  borne back ceaselessly into a time before we dropped a cake on the table like an idiot”?

I’ll check in with you next week, friends, if I can keep my food right side up.

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