Shots of Summer

Just a few quick shots to remind us that summer has finally arrived.  I’m proud to say that some of this produce is from my own tiny backyard garden plot!

Soft, sweet, whole bulbs of roasted garlic:IMG_0768

Cherries from the Saturday Market, tart and taut:


Lunch one weekday – spicy stir-friend rainbow chard with half a wheat bagel:IMG_0939

Snap pea, squash blossom, and nasturtium risotto:IMG_1063

Goodies from Sweet Life Patisserie – I love the hand-painted look of the tiny flowers on the square of chocolate:



2 thoughts on “Shots of Summer

  1. It was good, although I think I would make three minor changes.
    1.) I would add the peas later on in the cooking process. I stirred them with the rice for a while and they were just a touch more cooked than I would have liked.
    2.) I would have added more squash blossoms (alas, I only had what the garden made available in that moment).
    3.) I added some lemon zest, which it really didn’t need, so I’d omit that. Otherwise, very creamy and summery!

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