Trick or treat!

Since Halloween was on a Saturday this year, we donned devil horns, walked downtown, and found a window seat at Davis’ Restaurant and Bar.  Right across the street from John Henry’s, Jameson’s, and The Horsehead, it offered a tantalizing view of the night’s revelers.  We whetted our appetites for the festivities with the Mezze plate, which consisted of babaganoush, hummus, and tzatziki with warm pita triangles.  I thought the cumin flavor in the hummus was a little bit too strong, but the babaganoush was really excellent.  Then our server brought around the dessert tray.  Among other delicious looking choices (two flavors of cheesecakes in tiny round presentation, a huge and luscious parfait, and a butternut squash pie) there was a creme brulee.  A chocolate and cayenne creme brulee.  I had to have it.


Sweet, spicy, hard crackling sugar shell with a soft and creamy chocolate mousse underneath, dark and delicious.  A perfect Halloween treat.  And trick.

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