Dreams Deferred

Sometimes, there are weeks where you never stop working, but you manage to whip up a brilliant (well… passable?) new recipe, take and edit a series of deep, detailed pictures, all while lesson-planning and grading papers and researching new curriculum ideas and folding laundry the same day you did it!

Food Blog Photo Fridays 2013-2735But sometimes, there are weeks like this past week, which was the last week of my semester. This year, I started a new job. I’m a full-time instructor at a local community college, which means I’m teaching four classes, on campus five days a week, and overseeing at least 110 students, all of whom wrote about 30 pages during the course of the 16 week term. I’m not complaining. This is not one of those “teachers have it rough” sagas (though as a profession, it is challenging). What I’m saying is, imagine what this means for the last week of the term! Student conferences Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday on final papers, said papers due on Thursday and Friday, and one tiny little week before all grades, paperwork, and records are due. And then the power goes out in your office on Friday, so you have to leave. And your laptop decides after a mere 3 years of mostly-faithful service that it’s not interested in retaining battery power much anymore, so you spent a morning running around town to replace it. And you remember that you and your husband are leaving town in less than a week to visit family, which cuts that whole grading period short.

Holidays 2013-2850This is all a long-winded excuse apology reality-check for why I don’t have a recipe for you this morning. I had dreams, of course (and still do… stay tuned…), but when the afternoon sun entered that golden, slanting phase and I still hadn’t even started the 2-day, gooey-sweet, holiday-flavored project I’d intended to share with you here today (any guesses?!), I decided that sometimes there are towels that need to be thrown. So I did. I bought ingredients, but then graded all day Saturday. And then, because it really was a rough week for many reasons, N. and I decided to reward ourselves with a visit on Sunday to the happiest place on Earth.

So, friends, no recipe today. Instead, here’s my favorite photo from the Thanksgiving holiday N. and I spent with my parents and sister in our itty-bitty house. It’s blurry. But that’s what I like about it – it captures my usual state in the kitchen: a flurry of motion from step to step, from idea to idea, from taste to taste.

Holidays 2013-2859I hope this finds you hale and hearty, not to mention happy, and that your holiday planning is going well.  I’ll be back in a week with a holiday sweets post and recipe, but in the meantime if you need some inspiration, I suggest truffles, or espresso molasses spice cookies, or cranberry walnut bread, or lemon ginger shortbread. Happy holiday baking!

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