Friends, this just got real. The semester is now in Week 4 (really? By the end of this week summer will really have been over for a month?!), the temperature is hotter than it was during the legitimate summer, and papers are rolling in. Well, trudging reluctantly, anyway.

The point is, I’m behind. I’ve been cooking, yes – it is one of the things that keeps me balanced and happy when I am busy – but there’s so much more to this game than that. There’s the photo work (I do edit my shots before I post them here, tweaking the lighting a bit and sometimes, I’ll admit, even editing out unexpected-but-suddenly-glaring spots on my counter). There’s the recipe adjusting. There’s the writing – not just flying through a few paragraphs but, as I tell my students, the idea development and the drafting and the considering and the revising and the proofreading. There’s the linking. There’s the tagging. There’s the time. And there’s not enough.

So I’m taking a short hiatus. My hope is that I’ll only be gone for a week, but I don’t feel right making that promise, because I don’t know what this week will bring. Cross your fingers for me, if you feel so inclined, and I hope to be back with you soon.

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