Brought to you by Safeway

A brief vignette of our surprisingly delicious and satisfying weeknight dinner yesterday, thanks to tiny, slender spears of emerald-green goodness on sale.

Truly brief: 1 lb. asparagus, simmered in hot salted water until just barely tender and drained.

Three or four green onion bulbs, left from some ambitious Asian execution, chopped fine and sautéed in a few tablespoons of butter, then spread out evenly across the bottom of the pan in preparation of receiving 4 eggs, beaten together with a splash of cream and a healthy dozen-or-so grinds of black pepper.

When almost cooked completely, leftover aged sharp cheddar cheese, grated and sprinkled over half the omelet before adding the asparagus, folding over and heating through till cheese is melted, then serving up hot with buttered multi-grain toast.

Last night, Heaven looked like this:

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