Post Thanksgiving Paradise

You can only have turkey so many days in a row.  The mistake that I think gets made with Thanksgiving leftovers is trying to reheat and re-eat the whole menu at once.  Of course two or three days of turkey-with-stuffing-and-potatoes-and-a-side-of-something-green is going to get old.  And so, I turned away from the tupperware and found perfection: pb2902041

The finest fish sandwich from Cornucopia and my mom’s whole berry cranberry sauce made a glorious Saturday lunch.  Crispy batter around flaky white fish, a chewy, yeasty roll holding the whole sandwich together, and of course that most deletable, most seasonal of sides, the tart-sweet taste of cranberries that have burst open their skins into a thick, rich syrup.  I like mine straight out of the refrigerator, as cold as I can stand them.

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