I know I’m going about this a bit backwards, but I just wanted to show off what was weighing down our plants in the back garden when we returned from our California trip:

IMG_1711Just look at that!  I love how the cherry tomatoes are still clinging to their stems, though less than five minutes later I was thrilled to liberate them.  Our friend K., who was just one of the delightful people who helped us produce this harvest by watering the garden in our absence, told me that the sungolds are like tiny little jewels of crack.  I concurred.

Oh, and don’t forget the blackberries, my inspiration for this blog in the first place:

IMG_1713They are already chilling in the freezer, waiting to be made into blackberry mojitos.  There are honestly enough of them to experiment with other concoctions, but really, why mess with a good recipe?

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