Far Afield

DSC_0368As you read this (though not, by the powers of blog scheduling, as I type it), I am time zones away from my usual haunts. This year, as a kind of fiscally irresponsible reward for obtaining and then completing my first year of a full-time, tenure track position as a college professor, N. and I decided to give ourselves a real vacation. We’ve spent the last week or so tooling around the Pacific Northwest, visiting graduate school cronies and spending a tear-worthy 4th of July weekend on the northern Oregon coast (9 people, 4 dogs, board games, infinite cheese platters). Our faces hurt from smiling.

But now we’re traveling with just the two of us, doing the fiscally irresponsible portion across part of an ocean, in Kauai. And I thought, I really did, about getting a post all ready for you, with a recipe and all. But then I thought, well, it IS vacation…

So rest assured, I have a dish planned for us. The photos are all edited. The recipe needs only be proofread. But I’m saving the writing of the post itself for once I return, next week. I’ll need the time for salt and sand and green and waves to instill me with fresh prose. Consider this an inspiration-gathering raincheck.

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