Just peeking in…

Hello friends.  Is the world still the same place?  I’ve been offline for a full week now, as part of my move from Oregon to California.  I’m now settled somewhere in Los Angeles, my eyes startled by constant sun, my ears tender against the sounds of traffic, my taste buds clamoring to explore.  I am working on a post – I’m tremendously behind, I know – and  I have things to share with you like cobb salad with glazed bacon, and homemade crackers, and a recipe for rosemary and orange zested white bean dip I can’t stop thinking about.  Oh, and the little wedding cake thing I made a few weekends ago…

But all that takes time.  And there are still boxes everywhere I look.  So just as a taster, to keep your appetites primed, here’s a glimpse or two of how my big project turned out:


Back with more soon…

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