Photo Friday

Holiday breakfast, a sequence.

Food Blog Photo Fridays 2013-6278Food Blog Photo Fridays 2013-6279Food Blog Photo Fridays 2013-6282Food Blog Photo Fridays 2013-6280* Note: my mom called this dish palacsinta; it’s essentially a pile of crepes, with sugar, butter, lemon juice, and pulverized hazelnuts in between each layer, baked until the edges are crispy, and served as a cake. In doing a bit of internet research, however, I’ve determined that palacsinta are Hungarian crepes, and that the layering is just one way of serving them.

** Note 2: as I was on vacation over the holiday, I took these shots with my smaller, more portable camera – a Canon PowerShot SD770 IS. I’m underwhelmed by the photo quality, but the stratigraphy of the dish was so pleasing I decided to share it anyway.

5 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. You may not be content w/the photo quality but this looks like a luscious pile. And you made me go and Google “stratigraphy” and ha ha, so glad I did, you are so right, the stratigraphy of this dish is super pleasing. thank you for a new cool word!

    • Ooh, my pleasure! I love introducing new vocabulary, and stratigraphy is such a good one with food… palacsinta, lasagna, parfait, maybe even tah-chin, no? 😉

      • Oooh, it’d be perfect for tag-chin! How clever and bon-mot of you! love it. I’m inspired to do a tag-chin recipe JUST to use it. 🙂 (actually LOVE tah-chin.) woo hop 🙂

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