Photo Friday

Back on the horse, and with some shots from our Christmas “dinner.”

Fall and Winter 2014-0053We do a meal solely of appetizers in the evening on Christmas day, an arrangement that allows us to try out a number of new dishes, and keep on eating all night, since it’s only small bites…

Fall and Winter 2014-0031Fall and Winter 2014-0027We’ve done this for so many years that we covered all the standard appetizer ideas: deviled eggs, stuffed mushrooms, spinach dip, all manner of bread and cheese… so we’ve had to start working with themes. Last year it was stacked snacks. Two years ago it was all stuffed, well, stuff. This year we rolled everything, and our table was jammed with spring rolls, eggplant rollatini, cannoli and roulade for dessert, and an experiment: two kinds of sushi rolls.

Fall and Winter 2014-0026One contained ahi, avocado, and radish. The other enclosed smoked salmon, avocado, and a wasabi-spiked cream cheese.

Fall and Winter 2014-0035My sister and I are completely virgin sushi rollers, so we didn’t really know how much filling to include. This, combined with our enthusiasm for the ingredients and the anticipated end product, led to two burrito sized rolls of sushi.

Fall and Winter 2014-0036Fall and Winter 2014-0040Still, they were quickly gone…

Fall and Winter 2014-0045My fish-face.


* all photos this post courtesy of N. My hands were covered with sticky rice through most of the process. Thanks, sweetie.

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