Photo Fridays!

New feature: Photo Fridays!

I’ve been itching to post for you more often, but you know how life gets in the way… not to mention, having more than one delicious, visually appealing recipe every. single. week. is, for me, an intimidating prospect.  So I’m going to try this instead: part of blogging about food (in my case, at least) is being able to take beautiful photographs of it.  I’ve been working hard at this, spurred along by helpful tools like my Nikon D3100 (man I love this thing), and Adobe Lightroom, but what I need more than anything else is practice.

This is going to help me practice.

I will still do recipe posts on Mondays, but every Friday I will try to do a photo post – just a shot or two of something food related, to practice my skillz.  I hope you enjoy it.

Here’s the first one: such delicious promise in just lemon and garlic…

Food Blog Photo Fridays 2013-0771Have a wonderful weekend!

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