Photo Friday

I’m now feeling secure enough about myself, almost a month later, to share a few shots from my strawberries-and-goat-cheese biscuit disaster… They were pretty, and I love how ethereal the kitchen lighting is, but they were just so. damn. flat. Lesson learned. Jamming a full pint of strawberries into an innocent batch of dough does not fluffy biscuits make.

Food Blog Photo Friday 2014-3371 Food Blog Photo Friday 2014-3375 Food Blog Photo Friday 2014-3424 Food Blog Photo Friday 2014-3429

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday

  1. Aw, sorry to hear that the recipe didn’t work out. The pictures are gorgeous though, I love everything about them… the lighting, colours, the angles… beautiful. Are you going to reattempt the recipe? Goats cheese plus strawberry sounds divine xx

    • Thanks for your kind comments about the pictures – I thought the lighting was nice too; a bit otherworldly. I may try the idea again, incorporating fewer or even dried strawberries. They are just such a wet ingredient that they make the dough quite hard to work with.

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