Photo Friday

Challah photo-shoot.

Food Blog Photo Fridays 2014-3503I’m crazy about the way the dough stretched – it looks like you can see the chains of gluten! Let’s see a close-up or six…


Food Blog Photo Fridays 2014-3506 Food Blog Photo Fridays 2014-3507 How about from a new angle?  Food Blog Photo Fridays 2014-3509Food Blog Photo Fridays 2014-3508 Food Blog Photo Fridays 2014-3510Burnished and bronze and eggy and tender… it’s almost enough to make me run back to the kitchen and make another one. You?

Here’s a recipe, just in case.

3 thoughts on “Photo Friday

    • 🙂 Thanks for the love. I couldn’t stop taking shots of it – I was so enamored of the bloom between the strands of the braid and the way it spread so wide. I ended up with at least a dozen photos and had to whittle them down to an amount that seemed appropriate to post. And even then I might have gone a little overboard!

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