Photo Friday: Gluten-Free Girl potluck!

Last week, I met Shauna and Danny from Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef at a potluck party they hosted in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles. This was the California segment of their American Road Trip, a voyage that has encompassed numerous regions of the country, which they are using as fodder for their newest cookbook project. They’ll be presenting gluten-free options inspired by home cooking from across the country.

I’ve been a fan of Shauna and Danny’s for some time now, participating in a few of their cookbook projects, and it was a delight to meet them and get to hang out. I brought along my warm lentil and kale salad as an offering, one of my most recent favorite gluten-free dishes.

What follows are some of the images I caught during this gathering.

Food Blog Photo Friday 2014-3297

AMAZING pumpkin chiffon pie. Chewy, crispy, perfect chocolate chip cookies in the background, all gluten-free

Food Blog Photo Friday 2014-3302

Addictive little puffs

 I’m pretty sure these little puffs, offerings from Erin at The Sensitive Epicure, are Brazilian pao de queijo, which she talks about here. No one could stop eating them.

Food Blog Photo Friday 2014-3305

Nice shirt, Danny.

Food Blog Photo Friday 2014-3306

Locals, hoping to score some gluten-free snacks

Food Blog Photo Friday 2014-3307

We even got party favors! Marvelous buckwheat and hemp cereal.

Food Blog Photo Friday 2014-3308

Sweet little father daughter moment

Food Blog Photo Friday 2014-3310

Me with Shauna, wheeee!

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